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Hiphop Party Dance

Come bust a move with Bali's Queen of Hiphop Novie One! COME WEARING: comfortable clothing – sports shoes. This class is for ALL LEVELS.

Power Lift

Less reps, more weight. Pump iron and build up your muscles in Power Lift! COME WEARING: comfortable sportswear – sports shoes. This class is for ALL LEVELS.    

Muay Thai

Learn Muay Thai in a fun and interactive way like a pro. With Nico, the former European champion & trainer of world champions, you will learn to effectively defend yourself...

Upper Body Tone

Get your shoulders strong and sexy, and banish those "bingo wings"! This class is all about the upper body, biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back and abs too.

Jamaican Dancehall

Originating in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica, Dancehall is a grounded but energetic and empowering style of dance becoming more and more popular with artists and producers e.g. Rihanna, Major...

TRX Pilates

TRX is suspension training, using your own body weight and gravity to train your muscles. Combined with Pilates, this is a fantastic work out for your whole body! COME WEARING:...

Yoga Pilates for Surfers

Tailored to the Canggu surfing community, Yoga Pilates for Surfers will help improve your joint mobility, balance, deep core strength and agility for surfing. Surfing is an asymmetrical sport which...

Booty Fit

Targeting abs, thighs and booty, be prepared to sweat in this 45 minute intense workout. We will go through different series of exercises each time, using different equipment to challenge...